As Opposed to Knock'n E...

As opposed to knock'n em in the head an dragging em inta caves?

It's unquestionably more civilized, However riding em down and throwing em over a saddle kicking and screaming has a certain appeal I must admit.. LoL

*** Disclaimer .. To those lovely and sensitive ladies who read this and think I am trying to insult their gender, **** em off etc al. My rule is if I say something which hurts your feelings, ****** ya off or otherwise ruffles your feathers. Then remember everything is subject to interpretation and I meant it the other way! loL

***At the time I originally wrote this I was still struggling with the loss of a loved one and my superfical answer reflects my usual hide behind humor response.

What good knight does not take great satisfaction pouring out his love in the reading of poety and doing all the little considerations of the heart to enchant the lady of his life. Bravery is not just swordplay. It is indeed a measure of how commited and in love a man is as to what lengths he will go in courtship.

Myself I will be a absolute fool just for a smile, if she is the one I love. . . To make a woman blush with sweet pleasantries is a reward in and of itself. I love courting the right lady, dinner soft lights, intimate conversation, searching of the soul and eyes. Sneaking small liberties under the table. making her smile and laugh. The sound of her laughter is as a warm bell in my heart , her fragrance is intoxicating. There is no feeling to compare.

The sheer heat of the hunger she engenders and the restraint to keep from being absolutely crazy is an electric feeling like no other.

Spoiling a woman you love is a true quest, it's rewards immeasureable.







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1 Response May 28, 2007

Interesting...... but as a woman i must say there is something to be said for the odd occasion of caveman like behaviour...LOL. I hope youhave found happiness now..... thanks for the story...