Mating Calls, Ruffled Feathers, Etc

I've been strutting around for a while now showing off, trying to get attention.  Courting females is more complicated than I ever thought.  Mating calls, songs, rituals, ruffled tail feathers, the whole bit.  I even started a fight with another male just to prove that I'm a suitable mate to a female.  None of this seems to work though.  Still no mate.  Hmmmmmm... yeahhhh...uhhhhhhhhh....I guess I'll try a new courtship call this week...down at the bus stop...just to see what kind of response I can get.

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14 Responses Jul 1, 2007

oh, yeah I was mostly joking...I do think I have some avian features though, not really like a chicken LOL...thanks for the visual though, it was funny :)

i hope thats another joke, cause you dont look like a bird at all

sure, I am a bit bird-like in the face LOL

haha. i just read this for the first time. when you said, 'Mating calls, songs, rituals, ruffled tail feathers, the whole bit.' i just sort of imagined a big human chicken with your face [cause of your avatar]. very funny. thanks for making me laugh

Thanks, I appreciate that...I wrote this quite a while ago (July 1st)'s kinda silly but at least I have some kind of sense of humor :)

ROFLMAO!!! Funny man!! I love your stories!

Thank you, that is sweet of you to say :)

wherever did you get that sense of humor? keep on cluckin' brutha! lol

Thanks Black Cat, you're the best!!

I thought it was hilarious:)

me to lmao

Thanks for the comments ya'll...SWAT Addicts was the best though, I was only trying to be funny, not really talking about my love life or lack thereof.

Very cute story but maybe courting isn't the way to go... I'm sure there's a chicki out there watching you, waiting for you to ask. Look around, the job, the bar, she's there and you'll find her.


Sorry folks, this was a really bad attempt at humor...I got an email from someone concerned that I was starting fights so I sent back this...<br />
<br />
"My post was entirely a joke. I'm 31 years old and have never been in a fight as an adult. The topic is on courtship and I tried to make it out like I court human women the way birds and animals court (ruffled feathers, squawking, etc). Which would be really silly. The fighting part was a play on male competition in the animal world (like male Walruses competing for a female). If you read my posts you'll see that I joke fairly often in my responses. I'm glad to have been controversial though...tanks!!"