I Believe If a Couple Are to M...

I believe if a couple are to make a go of things they should certainly be able to sustain a good friendship before they settle down.  Not to say there should be none of the fun stuff first but it helps lay a good groundsheet for later days!  I've been in love before but never really been mates with the bloke and it just didn't work.  I think it's all about a healthy balance of great sex and good conversation.  I know people have been known to experience 'love at first sight' and marry early on and stay happy, but it's not something you can really rely on as a good gameplan is it? 
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I, too, believe in a version of 'love at first sight' - namely, recognizing a definite attraction that is stronger than previously ever experienced. However, I do not think that is any excuse for advancing too quickly in the more intimate aspects of a relationship.<br />
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Actually, I rather think that two people should be at the point of wanting to 'make love', before they go on to enjoy the more casual stuff with one another - yeah, yeah, I understand that is not the most popular way to go about it, but it's certainly MY way!

How about love at first sight followed by a good long courtship?<br />
I love courtship, the whole getting to know you bit. Being happy to hold hands, taking time before going firther. But I still believe in love at first sight.