My Hero

Having just re-entered the dating scene after a nearly 20 relationship and marriage to the same person, I have to say I still like the courtship of getting to know a new person.

I'm about 4 months into a relationship with a person whom is completely different than anyone I've ever been with.  He is complex and intriging; kinda scary frankly!  But he has my attention and I really like the show.  The little surprises I find in my apt after being out of town for a week on business.  How he opens the car door for me EVERYTIME we go anywhere.  How he always carrys the heavy stuff in from shopping and hangs things on the wall for me. 

He's courting me and I love it.  In no big rush to move on to the next phase of things...  Wanting to make the goo goo courtship last forever.

~ hmmm ~

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the only way to treat a lady, forever.<br />
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