I believe courtship is dating with the intent to marry.  That is the way I prefer to do things, and that is the reason I have only had one boyfriend before my fiance.  I really regret that relationship because the person I was in it with did not feel the same way.  I don't date just for the fun of being with someone, and then breaking up later.  It's a waste of time to me.  Luckily, I met my fiance and he is the same way as me, with old fashioned values.  We believe that courtship should lead to marriage. 

The way we see it is, why date someone if you can't see yourself marrying them?  Because then it's just pointless.  Unless you don't believe in marriage.  But if you ever want to settle down then you really shouldn't date someone that you can't envision spending forever with. 

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Smart outlook! Thank you. HUGS, livingwell