She looks down at him and smiles. She lightly strokes his cheek , as he looks into her eyes..... He has disobeyed her, and does not know what to expect. She is dressed in a long black coat with nothing under it. As she opens her coat, he crawls toward her. His desire was to drink her living waters. But she closed her coat, kissed his forehead, then turned and walked into the darkness of the night.......
Ladyis1 Ladyis1
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Oh my yet another tease. You have understood the male psyche and know how to use it! Thank you again.

The light kiss lingering long enough to encourage the support and commitment a sginal a promise of what could possibly be (may be ) yes mistress

the soft sensitive touch that evokes the feeling and stirs the passion <br />
the tempting teasing wantonness provoking lust <br />
the disappointment and hurt coupled with frustration of rejection <br />
you are a hitchcock in the making a master of the art a skilled and ruefull mistress of desire <br />
oh i surrender to you words

She smiles down at him, and lightly kisses his lips......

No.... No.... No. The Mistress is always right, wink....

Excellent! I love it! Write more please.