Just A Dream......

He had a very hard day at work, and all he could think of while driving home; was his Mistress. She had called earlier in the day to inform him, that she was stopping by, and to be prepared for her arrival. He had run a hot bath, and just wanted to relax for a while. He laid back in the tub with his head resting on the back of the tubs rim. He exhaled, the stress of the day melted off his shoulders, and mind. His eyes were closed. All he thought of was pleasing his Mistress, what would she require of him tonight. His body began to tingle.... He could feel a warm touch lightly touching his manhood. He smiled to himself as he felt his manhood stand at attention..... He could feel himself responding to her touch. Just as he was about to ask her for permission to release himself, he opened his eyes realizing it was just a dream..........
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I do love your teasing ways. Thank you for sharing your stories!! They are much appreciated.

truely wondeful xxxxx

Thank you, Lady. : )

Yes Yes dream of pleasing mistress , <br />
i can relate to this give me more please i beg you

lol, tks.

down boy, down. She strokes his face and smiles.....