Tonight was to be the  night she would make him her only subimissive Lover. She planned to welcome him to his right of passage. But he held no idea as to what lay await for him this night. Dinner was prepared by him, with the utmost of care. Making sure everyhting was just right..... He found himself pacing, back and forth with anticipation. Suddenly the sound of the door bell. He jumped. He ran to greet her as she came in. He knew his position was to be on bended knees. As she opened the door he met her by kissing her feet and hand. This was the norm, he knew this. They did not speak, she had told him "it was a waste of engery." He learned how to read her body lauguage, which he found to be more sensual and intune to her. She smiled down at him, then bent down to lightly kiss his lips. Her very presence consumed him. Dinner was lovely, as always...... The time for her total possession of him drew near. She loooked over at him, as she sipped from her wine glass, he knew what those gestures meant too. As she looked into his eyes, he was awe- strucken..... The words"Lady I adore you," slipped from his lips. Shocked and stunned his body shivered. Tears rolled down his cheeks. She got up from the table and slowly walked toward the door. He heard the door close behind her, as the unknown passion dripped from his mind. She was gone, and he knew why..... He had not OBEYED her....
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