Discovery Networks Looking For People Experiencing Demonic Phenomenon

Are you experiencing things you were taught to believe couldn't happen?
Do you suffer from nightly assaults from something you cannot see but know is there?
Are you terrified on a nightly basis?
Do you wake up with unexplained scratches and bruises?
Have these attacks been witnessed by your partner or family members?
Are you afraid to talk about your experiences for fear of being deemed crazy?
Are you at your wits end with nowhere left to turn?

You are not alone. Help could finally be at hand.

Firecracker films is an award winning production company
specializing in intelligent and sensitively made
documentaries for networks such as ABC, MSNBC, TLC and Animal Planet.

We are currently making a series for the Discovery networks which looks at the malevolent entity phenomenon. The series will be following a renowned demonologist, as he travels across the USA endeavouring to help people who are being terrorized by something they cannot explain. Is this happening to you? If so we are very keen to talk to you.

Please get in touch by emailing us at

We want to reassure you that at this stage anything you tell us is completely confidential.

Thank you and we very much look forward to hearing from you.
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4 Responses Jul 31, 2010

I just posted a story about my experiences for the last 16 years with demonic attack. I am finally ready to talk about it and get some help to get my life back

Live In His Presence, You Are Reconciled To God,
That Is His Dream, Be Reconciled,

Heb 12:2 Let Us Keep Our Eyes Fixed On Jesus,[NOT ON DEVIL] On Whom Our Faith Depends From Beginning To End. He Did Not Give Up Because Of The Cross! On The Contrary, Because Of The Joy That Was Waiting For Him, He Thought Nothing Of The Disgrace Of Dying On The Cross, And He Is Now Seated At The Right Side Of God's Throne.

Heb 12:24 You Have Come To Jesus, Who Arranged The New Covenant, And To The Sprinkled Blood That Promises Much Better Things Than Does The Blood Of Abel.

I very recently went through an exorcism.......

Very funny,,,so as one who some would say is possessed,,,,POSSESSED BY THE MOTHER OF JESUS,,,,,lol,,,so what are you going to do take my brain out,,,maybe like you disected those aliens,,,I think you better save your selves,,,because you can not stop what is coming,,,Bob Marley says it best" we got to fofill the book",,,or " how long shall we kill our prophets'' yeah I knew it would come to this,,,my sister told me that they would kill me,,,,its ok,,,I don't mind dieing as much as I hate living with stupid,,,Love and Light Mary