Hi where do I start. Well it was 2007. From believing we live we work we get married we have kids then we die as my belief how it was changed to we are all posessed. I had just lost my job and my life was kinda outa control I was in a breakdown, when I went to my friends 1 night. I had a joint and this stone felt different. I was meant to get a bus home but felt paranoid couldn't get the bus never happened to me before in 14 years of smoking weed, I started walking home but got to the top of the brae and noticed the path home was flooded by a river far to dangerous to walk. I didn't know what to do when my eyes focused on a green bottle and i got a voice in my head saying follow the green it's a safe path. My eyes moved around i focused on a green bit of plastic walked to the plastic instinctively looking around again i saw almost immediately a green bottle so I walked to that. This took me round to a path behind some trees when a voice in my head said theres kids with guns in the trees and their going to shoot you ( the voices were a new thing also ). I put my hand in my jacket as if to hold a pistol and hurried along the path, I'd just done a circle was back where I started and was feeling pretty confused. I seen a green landrover parked in a driveway about 50 yards from me. The voice in my said "It's yours" I just stood for a bit n the voice said again "It's yours go and take it". Well I couldn't take it I knew it wasn't mine, so I kinda looked round 360 degrees wondering what to do next. When i stopped looking I was focused on the flooded river and the voice came back along with a memory a guy a knew's brother had died a few weeks before in the river, the voice said to me it's ok go down and talk to him. Well by now I was pretty scared I was in no way going down the river to talk to a dead guy when i involuntry started to spin in a circle, then i fell to my knees in a puddle and like leaned forward i felt solid on my chest but there was nothing there I felt like I was going to levitate then i flung myself backward, I stood up freaked out when i felt the first shape i ever felt I felt my pop (grandpa) inside me, hard to explain but i felt as if my frame had changed to his frame, i felt calm but thought wtf. At that point I turned round and dusted myself down and began a march involuntry like being controled with a remote control. I walked up to the road and a black car drove past i put my hand in my pocket and threw my change at the car a voice tellin me they were not nice people i then looked at a white door and the voice said they were good people, I walked for about 5 mins now having an idea where I was going when I looked to the sky and seen the brightest satellite ive ever seen I felt I was being controled from a satelite, when I got to a corner I would feel a click in my neck like it was telling me to turn.
Durin the day something had been subconsiously implanted in my mind. I had a poster in my room James Dean and it said live as if u will die today, I had been focusing on this during the day.
I listened to radio a lot and was now thinkin they controled me via satelite I looked at the satellite and a voice came threw me "congratulations" followed by a radio presenters name, i was still walking pretty fast when i turned and looked at a tanning salon and the voice shouted threw me " you killed Matt " again and again it shouted it loudly then turned and continued walking a car peeped its horn and i waved but it wasn't me that waved i felt like johnny depp and it was a camp wave comical i walked another 20 yards and sat on a wall, the voice told me that James and Dean were looking for me and they were going to take me away and kill me, now I know 2 people James and Dean and both are hunters, I was ******** myself but started shout JAMES DEAN JAMES DEAN come get me F yous come get me I'm ready over and over for about 5 mins then still sitting on the wall i stopped they never arrived, I was totally exhausted, I still felt my pop and knew where I was going I was going to my aunties and aunt i hadn't spoken to in 10 years. By this time I was kinda communicating with whatever was posessing me I indicated I didn't want to go to the door but the voice in my head said I must and I must do it alone. So bracing myself I walked to the door and chapped. My Auntie answered and I said nervously its me she said "who are u" I said it's Andrew ur nephew she said " i haven't got a nephew called Andrew " at this point I noticed my uncle standing behind her shoulder he looked cold. Well I felt big like my pop i felt as if i had just grew 2 ft and the voice shouted threw me " I want peace " well it didn't even sound like me, we all just kinda looked at each other for 30 seconds felt like forever and i turned on my heal and walked out their gate. I walked over to an industrial park and my arms started lifting and falling involuntry over and over again then he was gone i felt my pop no more. I was shattered confused scared happy lots of emotions when my eyes looked to the satellite again and the voice told me a name it was of an old friend and it indicated he was controling me i started shouting his name followed by games a bogey lol dunno why just what came into my head. I never knew how i was goin to get home and also thought i should tell the police of the incident a spotted a car in a place where cid sometimes sit. I walked over and chapped the window i said are u the police and a woman replied no sun but u look as if u need that place over there pointing to a church so i must have been a state. My head now kinda cleared and the rational thing to do now was to go to my mates the one i had been at earlier, I walked to his with all sorts going threw my head but mainly WTF. I got to his never even chapped just walked in and asked him for a run home he said aye never even asked what happened. In the car on the way home it was silent me him n his girlfriend my mind was racing I said to them I want them out whatevers in meI want them out me I thought I was chipped lol I got home safely and went to bed. Well thanks for reading that is the first day of me experiencing posession though I now know I have been posessed since birth but that was like my awakening. peace to ya :)
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Live In His Presence, You Are Reconciled To God,
That Is His Dream, Be Reconciled,

Heb 12:2 Let Us Keep Our Eyes Fixed On Jesus,[NOT ON DEVIL] On Whom Our Faith Depends From Beginning To End. He Did Not Give Up Because Of The Cross! On The Contrary, Because Of The Joy That Was Waiting For Him, He Thought Nothing Of The Disgrace Of Dying On The Cross, And He Is Now Seated At The Right Side Of God's Throne.

Heb 12:24 You Have Come To Jesus, Who Arranged The New Covenant, And To The Sprinkled Blood That Promises Much Better Things Than Does The Blood Of Abel.

give your life to jesus he is conquorer over every evil, we become morethan conquerors throu the blood of jesus