Destiny Will Bring Us Back

Do you believe in serendipity? I was not. I was cynical that I believe things happen in a way that we do it and the way we planned but when you came, you teach me that things happen through fate. And I realized...
Everything is drawn in the hands of God before we were born. The number of your hair, who your parents will be, how many siblings you will have, who are the friends you will have and the people who will make your life special. Sometimes, we don’t need to plan in each single day because things will happen no matter what you do. 
We came from halfway the globe, we grew in different cultures with different beliefs. It is unimaginable how we get to know each other because in the first place, I am not supposed to be here neither you. But look how we walk this far when it just started on that one afternoon and you then told me that it's destiny. And from then on, it evolves day by day.
I understand that you are tired and even me but I am not giving up because I know it is worth to wait.. I am waiting for my life to happen at once, and that is you.
I believe you, destiny.. Now I don’t need to worry too much because if you believe that, I will too. Destiny had moved us away from each other and if we are meant for each other, it will happen in a way that we dont expect.

I am sorry in times that I have pissed you off, and in times that i upset you. I want you to remember me in the way that I made you smile even in no reason. Because no matter how many times i cried, you made me happy in a way and that the same face will always remain in my thoughts.

I am not giving up, I am just giving ourselves a space to breath. Allow me to hear your voice in times that I am missing you so much and you may call me too in the same way. I love you and that will move our feet in the same place where we were before and will find ourselves back again.

I have faith in God.
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1 Response Jun 24, 2011

hey i completely agree with you man. i've only recently discovered it, but my life's events have all been planned perfectly. It's like every little thing leads to a major event happening. for example, i play WoW private servers. and this one day i just so happened to quit my private server and look for a new one, and i joined it. and at that exact instant i met a girl and joined her guild and eventually we became best friends. it's just unexplainable how i met her at a perfect timing and how it lead to our relationship's growth. and also, almost all my dreams have came true, but perhaps in a derived form and few differences. i can't see any logical reasoning behind how dreams come true in reality other than Destiny.