Well... As a Christian furry with a bisexual male fiance... I'm pretty odd anyway. But... I believe not only that dragons did exist, but that they do. I also believe there is more than one 'plane' of existence. I also believe in reincarnation, to an extent. I'm odd.

I never said I was a 'good' Christian, LOL.

Dragons are real. So are unicorns, gargoyles, pegusi, and a multitude of other 'fairy tale' creatures.

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I dunno about the gargoyles and the pegusi, but in Job, God talks about dragons and unicorns, so I KNOW they existed *smile* Ya can't get any better proof than the Creator Himself talking about His creations!

Why limit the complex universe to just invisible things like what the bible says: angels/demons? There's more to the world than what the bible talks about -- like dinosaurs, germs, female angels, a Goddess, faeries, etc. How do I know? Let's just say, I have my ways. But generally, everyone should know these possibilities because the Universe is insanely complex and NEVER reduced to our Patriarchal ancestor's concept. This is why I never call God/Divinity "He." I'd rather call it an "it." Like a Force. Once you give it a gender... it's limited to said limitation. (Or worse, excludes the other)

Oh, and by "Goddesses/female angels" I mean the feminine aspect of Creation.

I don't think ur odd. just a smart open-minded being!

Nah. I don't feel compelled to go looking for them. I know where most of them are, but that doesn't mean I need to go sticking my hand in the cookie jar... You know... It'll get stuck...

And likely munched off by something.

Do you feel compelled to go looking for them? Or do they only come to the right people?

I do :P


That's alright. No one ever does.

true true and true. but no one's going to believe you anyway!