Alien Dragons?

i dont know if i still beleive in dragons, but think of this. whose to say dragons have to be from this world? the earth is 4 billion years old and has life on it, the universe is FOURTEEN billion years old, so logically there must be life in other places then here right? and its been millions and millions of years since the first humans, so how difficult would it be to beleive that at some point in out history aliens visited us? and if so, dragons would probably have acompanied them. think about it. a race that has interstellar capability should have the ability to genetically engineer animals correct? i mean wer close to that an wer light years away from leaving the sol system. an what woul make a better animal to have along then a dragon? i would be able to use its fireto intimidate primatives so they leave you alone, it woul be strong and make a good beast of burden because robots and other electronics cant get everywhere, it would make a decent transport should for some reason your unable to use your vehicle...

just a thought... and if it were true then that would explain why we have dragons in all cultures, yet no remains, oir for that matter why geologists cant find any hiding holes dragons might be in with sonic transmission.... just a thought
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Just perhaps, Dragons are the intelligent life force that visited here once? 0.o Well, all in the same, I love them regardless of origin. I mean just going along with your theory, perhaps dragons are not animals at all. <br />
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After all, dragons are known for their high levels of intelligence.

i doubt dragons were the life force even ifthe theory is valid, slthough that would fit nicely with the rule that the simplest answer is usually true, i cant see dragons developing technology, the claws that were so useful to them would come in just a wee bit difficult for fine motorskills, dont you think? and if dragons were the aliens who came here, why didnt they use technology in dealing with us? i mean if they had it, why arent there legends about dragons wielding shining weapons that shoot plasma? unless you were to assumethat the dragonfire didnt coe from the mouths at all but is perhaps some weapon of some kind? hmmm didnt think of that...