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so i'm a wolf therain and i have a friend that is a dragon shifter had he had a dragon (about the size of a keco) and he decided to give it to me because he was moving and couldn't take it with him but it was 1 of 4 he had and i still have it, it stays in my room or comes out with me to my territory and i fed it mice, it goes nuts when it finds it one in the forest when it comes with me. my friend still has 2 of the 4 he had and i think he has more than 4 now. he is a god damn big dragon in his dragon form.
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Wow message me

I knew dragons were real!!! Tell me, what do dragons like? Is it true that some can talk? Can the truly breath fire and other breath abilitys? Can they wield magick? Please tell me! I am a huge lover of dragons, if I had a dragon if drop out of school, take care of him/her every single day, give him/her the attention and love he/she needs and all the food in the world I'd give him/her. If you want me to be anymore dead seriouse about my love for dragons then I will send you all the messages you want about how dead seriouse I am! Thanks for reading, yours truly,