A Wish To Meet A Dragon Or To Raise One Of My Own

I have always been fascinated by them. They are truly Magnificant beings. I have loved animals and many other things since I was small and still care for them at my age now. I have always dreamed of meeting a dragon or raising one of my own. Course that would mean stealing an egg and I would be dead but it would be lovely to raise one... If anyone has ever met a dragon, raised on, befriended one or anything besides killing them then comment below or share your suggestions about the story. Thanks for reading, yours truly
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As someone who's witnessed dragons myself, I'd suggest that you don't even consider trying to raise one yourself. If you only want to meet one, there are no guidelines that I know of. You just need to be lucky enough to have the right opportunity, have the right resources and information, and know the right people. If you are dedicated to your research, you may have a chance... but just remember that all the right opportunities may lurk in all the most unlikely of places.

While i would like to aswell, You are leading a False hope. ive spent my entire life looking...serching...Gripeing over dragons and their extancnce. And while i Have found nought, i will still continue my serch. Keep dreaming,Friend.....For the dragons may yet one day....Rise on wing.

If you did bring up a dragon, you'd have a very strong-willed, ferociously intelligent creature on your hands. I'm not saying he or she wouldn't be tame or respect you, but the dragon's nature would make it very independent-minded. But you'd have such a great friend and that dragon would be your pass to meet other dragons.

This is a lovely post,how nice it would be to raise up your own Dragon. :-)

I'm a strong dragon lover since my memory came into existence. Where ever the dragons are, that's where heaven is for me.