Yes and Seriously.

The reason I believe that dragons isn't a fantasy, they where real at one time. I don't believe that almost every culture having stories and drawings of them being something that just simply happened. And I highly doubt that these people just simply made it all up. I believe there are fossils or bodies somewhere, none have been found thats all. Scientists disscover new fossil species that we neve ever new about. They just simply never found the body of a dragon yet, thats all

HeWhoBelievesInDragons HeWhoBelievesInDragons
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they have found remains up in the mountains an almost perfectly preserved body actual and corect it is not possible that just about ever were in the world has some form of dragon story or drawings aspecialy since some places can not get in touch with other civilizations !belive in ryuu!

I agree. I kind of wish dragons were still alive today though.

Well at least you don't believe in the fae.