Have My Cake And Eat It Too

for my weight I don't keep really yummy food in the house
but when I do and
when I can get away with it - dessert first !

who says dessert can't be breakfast lunch or dinner ?
especially on birthdays...cake..theres CAKE! and you want me to eat real food?!?
"If I was made of cake I'd eat myself before somebody else could.”
Emma Donoghue

Bythelight0fthemoon Bythelight0fthemoon
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I can't tell you how many times I've done that at a restaurant..lol... the waiter/waitress asks if i'd like an appetizer... well sure.. cheesecake please.... or whatever else looks good on the dessert menu :)

ah the dessert first revolution! its catchy

hahahahaaa.. here's to the cheesecake of the world and those steamy hot cups of coffee and cream to go with it ! mmmmmm :)

lol what an ideal world that would be!
oh and chocolate of course, I will share if you say please! lol

Mmmm there are times you simply must have dessert first .. i soooo agree :) Ok sharing my chocolate with you too ... pleassssse :) heehee :) Dove, Godiva, giardelli.. mmmm .. all the nice melt in your mouth stufffff .. cadbury... oh my

off to check the fridge for chocolate, you know I hide it from myself :)

and nice manners! double servings for you !

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*2 thumbs up*

giving Jack be nimble a run for his money Pam !

be quick! lol *wink*

quick? I am too busy stealing those two plumbs you pull out of the christmas pie.
you know I mixed up my Jack nursery rhymes :(
its Jack Horner that uses his thumb!

Hmmm, I knew there was something about you, and now I know! You are one of THOSE people. The dessert before the meal eaters...Umm Hmm.....I'm watching you. First the gang sign and now this! Ok....

yes lol, one of THOSE people - we tend to blend in with the background so as to escape detection. We don't want to draw attention to the fact that we didn't eat our dinner and the veges were "accidently" dropped under the table!

No really I love veges!
Back in my childhood there was an add on tv that literally scared me to death. Children lined up in fron of an ice cream vendor, each child walked away with big grins and ice cream cones full of brocolli and cauliflower

well, dat would scare me no end...

guess what I ate last night for dinner!?!!?! fruit salad and ice cream mwah ha ha ha haaaaaa!

infact ice cream and cake are now calling me for breakfast

i had ice cream and blueberries fo' brekky day befo' last!! :) dee-vine...

oh good for you :) I bet it rocked out loud !
usually I can go weeks without sweets or chocolate. Its that time of the month that I splurge

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