How I Learned Empathy Could Solve World Peace

empathy is one of the most powerful emotions, iMHO.  i have recently learned the value of this insanely powerful emotion through my children (young under 8).  they just want to be heard and understood as they learn about the world and assert themselves.  as a mom, i'm on autopilot to just teach lessons, remind manners, do this, don't do taht, etc.  when i stop, listen with eyes, ears and my BRAIN!, I try to feel exactly what their little brains, bodies, eyes, heart, head, are feeling and it makes me think this is how I allow my child to grow.  by doing everythign I can to feel what they feel so I can help them become better people   isn't that what we all want - even as grown, mature adults, we want other to EMPATHIZE with our feelings and emotions.  I'm in a ton of physical pain (from surgery) and everyone keeps saying i can't imagine what you are going through.  well, they can't  but the one who "try" and ask a ZILLION questions about what it "feels" like to have this pain, and relate ti to something they konw, i know are really my biggest fans and the ones I can trust, with my heart and head.  if i can learn to be a more empathetic person, a good listener, and just tell the ones I love that I'm trying to feel what they feel - NO RIGHTS OR WRONGS - I think peace will follow.  and then comes karma  - you get what you put out - and it all comes back.  what do others think about EMPATHY? 

hiyaa2010 hiyaa2010
Feb 25, 2010