Human Rights Campaign

When i saw the HRC logo, I joined this group right away.  I've been a member of HRC for years, have written several letters, have enlisted my friends to do the same and have made monetary contributions to assist in their efforts. 

Equal Rights for all people should come easy, but when sexual orientation or sexual identity comes into play, people get scared.  Well, the people with closed minds and closed hearts.

I struggled with prejudice in my family, when I was found out.  My little sister came home from school, in tears, because people were telling her I was gay.  Why should it matter to her?  Why in the hell would that enlist tears?  I certainly wasn't unhappy being the person that I was ~ why should she?  It was a difficult time in my life, when my family found out.  (Just for the record, I'm not gay, I am bi-sexual).  Instead of coming to me to discuss this rumor, my mother decided to handle it her own way: she went through my bedroom, read my journal and found love letters I had from my girlfriend.  She completely betrayed me. 

To this day, I have attempted to get my parents on board with same-sex marriage and other GLBT issues, but they are so narrow-minded, staunchly conservative and hypocritically religious that they will never see beyond their own ignorances.  What a sad, sad shame. 

I just don't understand how the GLBT community does not have equal rights or why there is still so much hatred or misunderstanding in the world today.  I don't understand why our rights, as citizens, should be any different than the straight community.                    
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2007

Big kiss to you, Snaketat. We gotta keep fighting the good fight!

i'm so sorry that you've had to go through this, and that you continue to receive less than the acceptance you deserve from your family. but i'm glad that you haven't let other people's reactions change who you are. you sound like a very strong person.

that's horrible that they would react like that. I don't understand how anyone can have those kinds of reactions- I've always supported equal rights; I've always seen it as the way things should be- there's no justification for discrimination. <br />
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Ever since highschool I've been promoting gay rights in my family. I want my little sisters to grow up with acceptance and the option to love whoever they want, and from the religion we were raised in, those values weren't being taught- so I did it myself. I think I've had a good influence on them, as they seem pretty accepting.