Equality Is Not Gender Specific

I have traveled all over the world in my sixty years on this planet.  I have seen a lot of terrible things during this time, yey I have seen a lot of good as well.
 I have seen people degrade others because of their beliefs,  I have seen wars for materialistic things.   I have seen brother turn against brother, sister against sister and family agains family. and yet I have seen beauty in the world.
The matter of gender is not the genitals that lay between your lower extremities, but that which lies between your ears.  As I am transgendered some think I am biased in my opinion, but don't those also think the same way whom are masculine or feminine, male or female.  My masculine traits do not lay between my legs.  It lies in defending of those weaker then I, whether it be physical or mental.  It does mean so much my physical prowess, but my ability to think  "what if it were me".   My feminine traits also do not lay between my legs.  My feminine traits lay in my feelings for others, accepting of things I cannot change, acceptance of nature and nurture.
   Gender is not the same as gender orientation.  Gender orientation has only to do with sexual preferences, whether they be straight, gay, or lesbian and all the other orientations currently pervading our world society.  Gender has nothing to do with being male or female, these are only labels that societies have placed upon the human enviroment.   Is not a girl who plays with cars still a girl, Is not a boy who plays with dolls still a boy, Is not a woman who builds skyscrapers still a woman, Is not a man who cares for his home and child still a man.   But those who are like the aforementioned are treated with distain, Why?.    Those aforementioned are also rejected, subjected to hate and ridicule, why?.
    We for some reason have lost what God has told us and needs to be reawakened.  First of all the Bible was written by men, or least interpreted by men.  If women had interpreted the Bible would they have used the feminine pronouns.  God is neither male or female, but a being that emcompasses all all of our traits, whether they be masculine or feminine.  GOD IS TRANSGENDERED,  God encompasses the all the male emotions of hate and vengence, God also encompasses all those decidedly feminine.  If God were to restart the world I believe that we would all be like him/her.  While I may not like all of masculine traits or my feminine traits, I know I am closer to God because of them.  Even the Angels are of the same being, neither male or female, usually seen dressed the same in long flowing gowns (look at artists interpretations).  So if I wear a dress, skirt, or a pair of trousers does this lower my presence before God, I don't believe so.
     Reread your Bible, Toran, or whatever religious text you use, imagine if it were written by the opposite gender (physical).  Maybe, just maybe you will see that God loves us equally, not because we are either male or female, but because we are human, a matter of creation not gender. 
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Biblically speaking God created one man and one woman who from them populated the whole earth. When God confused the peoples languages then the people who understood each other were together. With that seperation it is the only real reason that people assume that there are different races. <br />
<br />
Some people, I believe, do have equal rights for women pushed so far that it seems at times that a woman has no choice but to work outside of the home. It is seems in some cases that both people have to be working and have other people raise their children.<br />
<br />
People are equal in the eye of God but here we all have different gifts and abilities.

It is man that hurts those that don't fall into range of normal gender identity. God accepts us all<br />
irregardless of our fallibilities. Why, because the bible states we are a mire image of God. It therefore must be concluded that God is male/female, black/white, chinese/celtic. God is piece of each of us.