I Have A Hard One.

I have a hard one. I believe in equality for everyone, but I am Schizophrenic. When I was going to university my voices started acting up. I am a bisexual, Native American Indian, and the voices I was hearing in my head were very prejudiced. No one was rely putting me down it was a hallucination, but my voices are very prejudiced. They would always bug me when I tried to do homework. I tried to ignore them, but they were too much for me to concentrate on my school and hear them at the same time. I failed at my 3rd year of university, and now I have to pay for my schooling myself , because I failed too much. I am better now , but I just can't stop hearing voices from my head. I would have not liked to have lived in the old days because of prejudice people had suffered. I had a bout myself and I am just glad it is over. I believe firmly that any form of prejudice is wrong.  I am recouperating now and plan to put my self through school next year
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All human beings are equal in spirit. Once you think good and do good, all other matters in the physical world will become naught. <br />
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Be confidently yourself.