What Realy ****** Me Off...

What irks me is my society's attitude towards single mothers. the perception that being a mother who has failed to secure a husband and a child who has failed to secure a father as the biggest sin of our times, has resulted in the gross discrimination against homes headed by women through out every institution.- there are churches that cast out pregnant girls as if they are demons and even refuse to baptize their newborn. then turn right around and denounce abortion as murder. -the school doors also bang loudly in the face of young mothers denying them education and opportunity that will give them an opportunity to build a better life for her family- families also turn their backs on their daughters while the policies of government ensure that single mothers forever remain as non-persons with no basic rights. I am not a single mother, i was not born to one but for some reason it makes me psychotic watching their teeth getting kicked in at every turn.
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wow, i am humbled that someone not in my position feels so strongly for it. thank you for sharing your story. i have unfortunately had to deal with a lot of this stigma in my own country even though i did not choose to be a single mother and was put in that position by my childrens' violent and deadbeat dad. i didn't want my husband to treat me badly and didn't want to have to run with my tail between my legs but he left me no choice.<br />
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fortunately for me i have had some good experiences and a relationship with a wonderful person since my bad marriage but it has been hard to fight the stigma and abuse that gets hurled at me at times because people must believe i somehow "chose" to deprive my kids of their father. i don't get the attitude or why people do this, perhaps they have axes to grind with their own single mums but it's beyond me why i am sometimes judged before a person realises my circumstances. deadbeat dads really do exist, they're not fiction stories. once again, thank you.

you are absolutely right.