Sometimes I Hate Straight People!

For the record i am a straight female. 

Today has been gay bashing day on EP. I have seen countless of ignorant comments coming from the waste of space straight people group. 

Look you're entitled to your opinion. However i draw the line at stupidity.

If you regurgitate the same bullshit every homophophic straight person says do us intelligent people a favor and shut the **** up!

We've heard it all before and it still holds no ground. 

Why not try focusing on the mess you straight people have made of relationships and marriage instead of worrying about what gay people, who you don't know, and will never know, are doing with their lives. 

Leave God out of it. Because frankly the right to marry according to God only belongs in a Church. A Church has every right to turn away gay people getting married. The States according to the United Nations Human Rights Act has no place telling gay people they can't marry. So lets cut that **** out real quick. Educate yourself before you spout bullshit from the mouth of bullshit. 

What has any gay person living their life as they see fit done to your life that has created such a negative response? 

Why do you care so much what Joe and Joe are doing in their day to day lives?

Noisy much? Obsessed much? How is your life doing? How are your relationships going? Did you make a difference for the greater good today?

How would you like someone telling you, that you are wrong according to a book that has no business telling anyone that they are wrong!

Save yourself first and stop worrying about every other person in this world. If there is a God, i'm sure he's got everyone else covered!

JudeReed JudeReed
26-30, F
4 Responses Nov 7, 2011

I can understand where you're coming from. Bashing someone verbally because of their sexuality is definitely unadvisable and slightly ignorant. But I don't have an issue with people who may disapprove of someone's lifestyle, as everyone is entitled to their opinion on something. What I really don't condone is people trying to force that belief on others.

People are the same everywhere... we arrive and leave this world the same way... be kind to all you meet... I think this video says it all...<br />
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Jude, hope you feel better after venting. The sane world hates intolerance whether it's homophobia or McCarthyite cold war nonsense and it's always worth reminding us that it is so. Blushark, stop pretending to be a dirty old man - the sordid truth is that you are clean living and respectable. Ravenge wouldn't put up with you otherwise. Deal with it. Jose, see if you can buy a sense of humour somewhere and, in the meantime, do try to learn the EP lingo and a little humility. You're probably a good guy underneath it all.

Excellent Point! i was mad!