My First Real Experience As A Young Woman.

I am a pre-operative male to female transgender.

I knew this at a very early age something was not physically or mentally different about myself when I first discovered that I enjoyed the domestic things in the house such as cooking, sewing, baking, decorating a home, cleaning house, and other things such as entertaining guests during the holidays or just for fun.

I was 14 when I first put my mother's dresses, heels, nylons, jewelry, and make up and it felt really really right as well as made me very comfortable. My Stepfather caught me and called me into the dining room with his handgun on the table and stated that he was going to shoot me if I did not get out of my mother's clothing, and my mother was there and did not say anything to stop him.

The next morning my mother called my grandparents that lived in Scotland and they paid for my ticket and I was on the way to Scotland. I lived there from the ages of 14 to 19 and I came back to the states and found my way from New York to Las vegas living on the streets for 2 years of which were very hard on me for I had to deal with the pimps, the drug addicts, the gangs etc.

I did odd jobs here and there and saved enough money to rent a motel kitchenette and then I did more odd jobs to buy clothing and I ended up buying a black skirt suit and a blue top with black heels and a pair of pantyhose.

I started looking for work at any places that were hiring and I stopped in a small cafe and the owner stated to me we do not hire your kind and you may finish your lunch and then please leave.

all in all to make a short story short a well dressed Woman that was very polite and stated to me young lady if you want to work please come by my office at 8:30 and I will interview you.

I did just that and I had a friend that did my hair and makeup and she paid for the dry cleaning of my skirt suit and blouse and her husband polished and repaired my heels all for free.

to make a long story short I worked from 1996 to 2004 for a high fashion clothing, accessory, and home decorum boutique and 2 years latter I was promoted to CEO of business operations and in charge of 5 us based stores and in 8 years I saw 32 cities and 12 countries.

trust me I knew nothing about the higher end of clothing, furs, heels, furniture, china, shoes, jewelry, anything that you can imagine.

I did all I could to learn about what we sold in the stores and how to purchase from new lines and how to deal with our existing suppliers, how to read contracts, and how to run a large corporation.

I learned from the owner and she gave me the tools to succeed and my job as her second in command. I started out working for 10% commission and worked my way up the ladder.

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being a pre-op means you werent a woman, stop kidding yourself. injecting yourself with hormones and dressing like a woman does not a woman make

You have no clue of who I am or what I been going through..

You lack the educational aspect of transgenders that are going through the transitional process as well as you do not know how it affects us and the people around us.. You posted on this story so why don't you leave and go to another group..

We do not need people such as yourself judging us when you do not know us directly or met us..

You never know if you are working with a transgendered person, or standing in front of a transgendered male or female who knows they could even be the owner of the company you work for or your supervisor...

You rock!

I would like to thank all of those that have rated my story as well as commented on my story. I have many more to tell that is of a serious nature and they are real stories and experiences that I have been through starting from the age of 14 to my current age of 40 and many more to come.

wow.. this is really inspiring!

This is really heart warming. I love these stories. Too many amazing people faced with the same adversity make other choices which usually end in disaster. I hope your story can show others that it gets better.

Love your modern day rags to riches story! I find it amazing when people be who they really are no matter the trouble and strife their real person brings.