Every Contribution We Make Matters More Than We Think

The American constitution holds that
"All men are created equal",
"we hold these truths self evident."

What makes a truth self evident?
Something can only be true if :
it can be proven as a fact,
or if it works by sound logic.

We live on a planet rife with all forms of injustice, unfairness and chance.
The effects of these factors often appear to rip all meaning from the concept of equality.

The founders of the United States were theists.
They believed in a One God, and that such a god made all souls to be born equal.
Because of this, they believed all people should be treated equally in the new nation.
Clearly they knew it was an ideal, and believed it to be one worth striving for.
To the extent that we see inequality around us, we could ask ourselves;
To what degree are our constitution, judiciary, government and social institutions succeeding in assisting the goal of equality?
What would be required to unravel the knots created by corruption and decadence, by greed, hatred and ignorance?

How do we each contribute to the sum total of what we see around us?
If the whole is always greater than the sum of it's parts (and it always is)
does this not mean that every contribution we make matters more than we think?
hartfire hartfire 56-60, F 1 Response Apr 24, 2012

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I totally agree with your ending statements but have a different view of the founding fathers. Only one that I know of, Thomas Jefferson, was a theist and possibly Benjamin Franklin. As I understand it, most of the rest were Christians at least in terms of their affiliation. They, like all people, fail to reach their target. The original constitution of each of the original 13 states required Christians membership as the rule. Of course, this was discriminatory. On the other hand, one could hold that red lights at traffic intersections discriminate against those who would ignore them, making their action illegal. The person hit going through a green light would object, I think. The Constitution used the word "created" meaning created by God. They escaped to this country to practice their protestant beliefs outside the persecution they experienced from the Catholic church in Europe. The Bill of Rights established that the Government of the US of A could not establish a Church run by the Government. Belief is up to each of us to accept or reject. It isn't the Constitution that failed us, it is those who enact the laws and pervert the meaning of the Constitution for their greedy desires that are destroying what the founding fathers established as a first in the world: a government of and by the people as well as for the people. We have unfortunately come a long ways from that ideal. Possibly so far we can never return to the ideals set forth in the Constitution. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, we are now engaged in a dispute to see whether this nation or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure! In order for true equality to exist those who are intelligent would have to lower their minds to the mean, which would preclude any progress whatsoever I think.