Give My Gays Any Grief, And You're Out The Door

I have a strict equal opportunity hiring policy at my bakery. As such, I have several peoples of alternate sexuality at my bakery. I have straights, gays, trans, and bisexuals. I have atheists, Christians, Jews, Pagans, Buddhists, and the generically spiritual. I have employees with disabilities ranging from physical to cognitive, from visible to invisible. I have a veritable rainbow of races under my employ, and various political opinions from apathetic to strongly liberal, libertarian, and the occasional wayward conservative. Of course, I do have one rule: if you give any of my workers any grief about anything, from their sexual orientation to their gender to their beliefs, and you are not allowed in my bakery. And I have had to enforce this policy. Even somewhere as liberal as Burlington you still get miserable, hateful people. They're everywhere. Sometimes they're even in my bakery. Hey, I don't give a **** if you hate gays. I don't care if you believe in a hateful God or an invisible teapot. But don't harass my friends. And if you harass any of my employees on the basis of your beliefs, don't be surprised if I go off and rip your beliefs apart and let everyone know why they're stupid. And don't be surprised if they applaud when you leave with your tail tucked between your legs.
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1 Response May 7, 2012

I just came in for a donut.

I don't sell donuts. I'm not Dunkin' Donuts

That's too bad. Maybe if you had some cream horns or bear claws or apple fritters or maple bars, or bismarks people wouldn't hassle your employees.
Do people really come into your bakery and out of the blue give your employees a hard time. I mean how would they even know their sexual orientation or religious affiliation?
You must be in a rough part of town.