Inequal Equality The Rise Of Feminine Power

First, when the Men in the Temples threw out the women priestesses they began a campaign of Spiritual = no Sex. The priestesses still had a "service" which was supplying sexual pleasure to the best producers, but they 'expanded their market'.

The Temple Priests knowing they could not compete with SEX started the campaign that these women were evil, worthless *****-prostitutes. They also started a campaign that women must mindlessly obey husbands and should now be considered 'property of husbands'.

They expanded this brainwashing campaign to include that sex can only be done by their rules i.e. in the dark, locked room, 'man on top get it over with quick', not for pleasure Especially Carnal Pleasure which, if you remember, was Non-Spiritual. This additionally took the form of saying sex, physicalness, physicality and anything they defined as Not Spiritual was Bad and Wrong or at best Worthless.

So women were told if they used sex to get things they were not good and in fact were nothing more than dumb ****-bimbo-trashy ***** (Ringing any bells here?). A woman should be open and honest. She should be chaste and pure, i.e. she should only have sex to make babies or to please and obey her husband, but by all means she should NOT enjoy sex. If she DID enjoy sex, she was "one of those whorish women" and should be shunned.

Now could you imagine telling a lawyer not to be deceptive or to not use the law in his work? Or tell a carpenter to not use a Hammer? A truck driver to not use a truck to haul freight? But The Churches tell women to Not use the single most powerful tool in the box, because it is wrong and not spiritual love.

The universe is a set of balances, light-dark, hot-cold, full-empty, and all the other things like this. Humans are sexual. One only needs to look at human female mammaries to see this is true. The primary function of mammary glands in mammals is to provide milk to new born infants, but these glands only operate through the hormonal release before birth. The mother gets near birth and her breasts swell and become filled with material to start the immune system and then provide nutrients to the newborn. When the infant reaches a certain stage of development, the mother refuses to feed and her milk dries up and breasts return to their pre-pregnant stage.

Human mammaries do not operate the same. Their primary function is to attract and stimulate the males. Yes they will swell more when pregnant, but they do not look similar to the males the rest of the time. Human females and the Bonobo Chimp, our closest animal relative are able to have sex at any time during their ovulation cycle. In Sex at Dawn: the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality, it is documented that Bonobo females copulate with numerous males to "hide" paternity and make all the males of the troop be invested with raising all the infants. In contrast, gorillas have been documented when a New Alpha takes over the troop, he kills the infants and young adolescent males which does two things; it brings the females into 'heat' and insures the next generation carry His DNA.

What is interesting is frequency of copulation in great apes has a direct relationship to the body-penis size ratio. Gorillas which are far larger than humans have an average penis length of only 1.5 inches. The Bonobo is near 3 inches but is only ratio-wise slightly smaller than humans whose world wide average seems to be in to 5-5.75" range. This would mean humans are designed to have sex often.

Interestingly, the Bonobos do not war with each other, but the regular chimps (with smaller penises btw) do. Bonobo troops seen meeting will share food and sex. Females from one troop will move to another to give themselves a better chance at increasing their rank. (The status of Bonobos is through the Female, just like to be a 'real Jew' your mother must be Jewish)

Regular chimps when meeting, say at a ripe orange tree, have been seen to fight and kill one another, not dissimilar to human war, under the guidance of modern religion.

Now a major part of this campaign by the Temple-Church priests et al, is FEAR. While God's (only male god) love is limitless, you must follow the strict teachings of the specialist priest to make sure you are allowed to have ANY of God's love, and you must Pay a Fee (tithe)! They spread additional fear of there being Not Enough.

This paradigm of Not Enough is pervasive, not enough food, money, time but most of all LOVE. If he gives his love to someone else, you lady have been 'cheated' out of YOUR LOVE and will likely LOSE ALL LOVE FOREVER!!!! The church set women from being 'in cooperation with each other' to being in deadly competition with each other.

Take a look at HOW Successful this campaign is! Women who use sex are stupid. Young sexy women who marry rich men are Gold Diggers. If a woman has sex with many men, she is a stupid worthless ****. If a woman is not a virgin when she marries, she is dirty, tainted, used goods.

I mean don't you want a virgin doctor, one who has never studied biology?!?! A virgin driver who has never seen a car?!?! A virgin cook who knows nothing about food!

But you want a woman who knows nothing about sex?!?!

So that is why women fear prostitutes.

Men who are ignorant and want virgins (who will not know how little the man knows about sex or how small his **** is or how bad he is in bed) do not want to marry a prostitute and woman who Knows.

I have know some very smart men, who after a bad marriage-divorce married a prostitute because they liked them, and she knew what her Job was, plus had the necessary skills.

As women begin to SEE and cooperate and educate themselves and come to realize they have 'half the money and ALL the *****', things will begin to change. This change is already happening in some places quietly. But remember to Church-it Christian Right-Moral Majority (who are neither moral nor a majority) all have a vested interest in YOU being Afraid.

Keep this in mind.

I recommend you women start to be dark and mysterious. Be deceptive and manipulative in a very well thought out ethical way, by making men Want to do the correct thing while 'promising them' great rewards, which is going to be not just great sex, but you are going to Bring him your Sister-women so he can not only have abundant sex, but with an abundance of partners.

Give this some thought. It is clear men want sex and want sex with more than one woman. If women cooperated, rewarding the men who did what the woman wanted (without nagging or pushing, but deceptively hinting and manipulating), and denying the men who did not cooperate, you would find this world changing in a heartbeat.

Ladies get together and talk about this. Any of you who see what I have written here, you have Not just my complete permission, but my encouragement to spread this everywhere in EP and the Net and by personal email, letters, carvings in stone so this idea can grow and become more powerful and bring us out of this dark age of Not Enough into a paradigm of Abundance.
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dragonofjapan dragonofjapan
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

<p>of course a girl with big breasts is atractive. I have always known. I had never heard of the idea that the biological purpose, diferant from other mammals, was to attract the male. so if a person glued a set of mammary glands on other mammals then it would do nothing to attract the males. I had never thought about this idea. <br />
<br />
a woman might be too jelous to to want another woman in bed with her husband. or even to watch her husband talk to another woman. in spanish a couple is called esposos. the same word used for handcuffs. at first a marriage can seem attractive but can turn into perpetual isolation from the opposite gender. It would be a really nice if a partner could bring home a really nice gift. or maye just swing so that both can have a variety.</p>

The jealousy is based on fear and the ONLY One person has to fill all my needs and they cannot share anything with anyone else. This idea is the extreme and easily shows the mental illness involved.

I noticed that jealousy for me was based on the unknown. When my lover went out and found her own 'other man' and they were together I was sure there were violins playing, waves crashing on the shore epic ******* of Hollywood Blockbuster proportions.

When I brought the man (who it turns out was a much better man than the one she found) she had amazing *******, loved the experience and thanked me for the gift.

Women actually enjoy each other's company and therefore sharing a lover is far easier when it is done within certain boundaries.

Hence building a circle of people and have them work, live love and raise children together.

As to breasts, one just needs to look. We and the Bonobo are the only face to face copulating mammals I know of.

OMG! This was like having the lights turned on. So many weird things in churches and all the fear mongering that goes on around the world just now makes complete sense.

Ladies, I have a very nice husband and oh a dozen of his friends are very nice then maybe there are a few who are not so nice, but... what's a girl to do, 'in the land of no weenies, the douche bag with a hard-on is used as a temp!' lol

My main lover and about 30 of his friends regularly have sex with me. I am not used like a '****' but am treated as a woman they love to please. Oh yes they all get to have an ****** or two, but I get to have many many more than they do, even combined! LOL

I share my lovers with my sister wives and girlfriends in-between. I do know there is an abundance of hard ***** aching to please us. So ladies stop your "He cheated on me" and bring him home a few cuties and then point out a few hunks you would like stuffed in your Christmas Stocking (though mine is shaved smooth and clean, so the warm fuzzy metaphor seems to be... odd)

I am ready for a world-wide paradigm of Abundance.
I love you Dragon!

Stuffed in your Christmas stocking! you are too much fun.

For Christmas ladies, go find a girl named Holly and Deck his balls with...