Racism Was Minimal At The Place Where Is Live...

That was my previous belief (when I was young)... till met with a circumstance where I realize equality actually never existed. It scares me that opportunities at which I am open to are narrower than the typical young adults in my country. I felt frustrated when others of the same educational status as me was far taken care of than me. Why? Just because I am like this, does not mean that I will not do well.

I was wrong when I thought that IQ and EQ was everything in achieving what I want in life... Does that mean that I to work harder than
others to achieve the same purpose in life?

If that the way... I told myself that I am going strive such that no one is going to deny my talent and accept me in whatever aspects of life.
I am going to change the stereotypes that the society has about my race.
snar123 snar123
18-21, F
May 19, 2012