Probability And Predictability.

I was born into a harsh environment, often hostile. There's no telling exactly how this effected me, it's context. I developed emotionally and intellectually slower than everyone around me as a result, it's pretty clear this was a defense mechanism. Growing up in my environment wasn't just unpleasant, it was causing my body to intentionally stunt development. But around the end of my teens I developed rapidly, this is where I would begin and do the bulk of my learning, outside school ironically.

In this time I have come to discover a world that is in far more trouble than I am. I have come to know a world even more hostile than my own life. Every single thing I learn about it only raises more questions. And the more questions the harder I analyze. I spend sufficient time understanding my own mistakes, what makes them mistakes, how to do better. The more I discover myself the more I can understand the world around me, and the more I understand the world around me the more I realize that the damage being done is self inflicted.

We have to take responsibility for our environment before we can change it, and this on the whole hasn't even begun to happen yet. As I progress I feel more and more connection to everything around me, like I can see everything happening around me. I see a person and I can imagine where they live, what they do, what they don't. I see structures and imagine them being built, how long it took, how many people it took to build them, how much it cost. I think more than anything I've always wanted the analytical mind, but once you see the world the way I have you can't turn it off.

I can walk into a church and spot who's families have gone there for generations and who's just walked in, just by their clothes and the look on their face. I can see the dry crusted fingertips of doctors at the corner store. Just about everything about our existence on this planet seems patently absurd to me. I'm not a genius, I'm not even that smart, I'm no prophet either. My life has just crafted me into a specialist at seeing the bigger picture, I see what others have been conditioned to overlook. I'm not good at much else.

The point is that our situation is growing desperate, and the human race is growing blissful and arrogant and I know what happens when probability meets predictability. The more information I attain about the human race the less certain I am it has a future. I can see progress when I look into our history, even the most recent, the questions I have are is it going to be enough, and am I not seeing something. Because if you were to ask me as of this moment if the human race will survive the next century, the answer is no.
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Unfortunately such situations are the norm now. As divorce rates reach 56 percent and sexual assaults within families skyrocket, there's no doubt what so ever that this is now the norm. And it's for a lot of reasons, but the largest reason has to be the widening income disparity and destruction of the middle class. When I was growing up families like mine were the fringe. not anymore.

Mmh. I really have some difficulties matching you're abily to profile people and you're belief in human progress/regress. It may be just one of my mental limits, but I can't see any development during the long life of human race.

That's simple, human progress has been exceptional, by a very few people.

Oh that's not simple at all. What kind of (human) progress? (Of course now I understand why you think that religion has to be destroyed)

You obviously are a thinker, and i like how you look at the bigger, wider picture of things...really interesting, thought-provoking blog you wrote here. I'm sad to hear that you were born into such a hostile environment that it even stunted physical growth...that sounds awful..but i have found that those who have been through more suffering are the ones who end up being more perceptive...there are qualities that are forged in painful environments that don't always happen otherwise and that seems to be the case with you, as well.

I think it makes God sick (not literally, but you get my drift here) to see what humans have done with 'religion'...all the crap and the fighting and the bs. And in that way, i can agree with you on getting rid of 'religion'. Jesus said, "Love one another"...that's the main commandment under "Love God"...religion in the sense of how we see it in the world has in so many ways been distorted from the true nature of God...we see alot of true religion in many of the poorer countries where there is great persecution of believers...and an underground 'church' many ways, that causes the body of believers to flourish, since it forces them to pray and rely on God more, not just give lip-service while living in hypocritical ways...and to walk out the true road of forgiveness and seeing the good even in their enemies, (who are also made in the image of God and are therefore sacred)..and having the courage to lay down their lives for one other words, it becomes something of substance, relationship, meaning and tangibility..nothing like the watered-down version of 'religion' we have seen so much of in the prosperous West.

I see you feel you can more clearly see issues and people as they really are... which is fine but, does nothing to actually help the situation... do you have any ideas on how to improve things?

I`ve gotten 8 people out of religion. Absolutely nothing can be done about this until we destroy religion.

All religion ?

That`s a straight up yes. We have to be all about individual freedom, people should be allowed to think and say whatever they want, whenever they want. This business with the schools and churches is absurd, lets turn all these places into secular community centers with no reference to religion in them.

Okay but why a church without a religion... it would cease being a church... just sayin!
As for personal freedom and saying what you want when you want... shouldn't that include being religious if you want...and talking about it no matter you are including school?
Also how is religion destroying the enviroment?

It`s not a church. Churches and Mosques are where people go to be religious.

How is religion destroying our environment? is that supposed to be a troll question. The number 1 reason we`re over populated is religious doctrine on procreation, and ignorance, and teen pregnancies. Did you know the average Muslim family has 6 kids? The only parts of the world that are growing in population are dense Muslim and Christian populations, and they make up for all the rest of the worlds decrease in population dozens of times over.

Literally every major conflict right now is religious. Sunni`s vs Shiites, Shiites vs Whabists, all of them vs Christians, Christians vs Catholics, Catholics vs Catholics. Every political issue in America right now, is religious. Abortion, `gay marriage`social medicine, immigration reform.

This is a sickness effecting all of humanity.

So you feel over population is the reason for enviromental destruction.
No I'm not asking troll questions and I don't apperciate that assumption as I've been nothing but polite. If you can't have a civilized discussion, you won't get far in life.
I'm asking your opinions because that's the only way I can know what your thinking... so I don't understand how that's anywhere close to being a troll.... you said that there shouldn't be religion in chruches, I'm saying that makes no sense...why not just have no churches...

If its christians and muslims why is it your purposal to end all religion?

Also you didn't answer my very serious questions about the obvious conflict between allowing people freedom, and to say what they want while at the same time not letting them be religious or talk about religion ... and so you know I'm agnostic (atheist leaning) so I'm not some fanatic... I'm simply trying to understand... the logic seems flawed.

how did you get them 'out' of religion if i may ask. And also, religion is a pretty vague term (to me)...I think everyone has their own personal religious beliefs whether they want to admit or not.

There`s nothing vague about the term religious, it`s believe without evidence. Primarily I got them to leave it by prodding their mind back into action. But my true secret weapon is I convinced them to read their own religious texts.

Religion isn't defined as belief without evidence...anywhere.

re·li·gion /rilijn/Noun: 1. The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods. 2. Details of belief as taught or discussed.

Faith is sometimes defined as belief without proof.

Evidence and proof are the same thing.

Faith and religion are not.

Faith is singular, religion is plural. That`s the only difference.

you are way off base with that... a person can have faith in many things... you have faith that as it is the human race will die out within a century... and that's not religion...

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You seem like a smart young man.

Well at the very least I can seem like it.