Times Get Tough So Lets Get Rough!

when im at school theres always those kids.
the ones that go around making fun of me.
they give me **** so i take ut iut on my sports and on my study.
i bash the **** out of a boxing bag and run until my legs dont work.
i still feel like im unfit cause those boys just never give in.
therir out to take me down.
i have and will never let them win.
they give me **** and i tell them what they can go do with that ****.
i never bag them out because i dont want to be like them. ew (cringe)
but i dont take their crap.
im proud of it but every now and then, like today, i gets to much even for me.
i cant handle it sometimes.
i had a chinese test to day and in the middle of it when the teacher was out
the worst of the boys rips my test away and starts calling my a teachers
pet, im fat, i have no friends, i think i do cause im up myself but they hate me, u know everything dont u?, physo, scits, freak, FAT!
i no im not fat.
deep down. but it seems a little too deep.
i try not to eat but after all my sport and running around and going through school im starving.
i would throw up until i gsve myself a talkin and revised so hard my rbrains were all mush.
i dont want to be called the things but i tell them what they can do and they back off for a period but its never anything longer.
im 13 and i go to a good school but it costs alot and my mum and dad yell at me. i guess its normal but it feels horrible. so my best friend, alyfant, and i are standing up to the perverts and the bullies and we are doing something. she is so AMAZING! I WISH others would see it.
they all do but i wish they would say something nice.
please, if aynone reads this go to her age and comment on her stories. i want her ti be SO HAPPY!

i work so hard buti cant satisfy anyone. expcept one person. maybe 3. i know they believe in me. and i love them all.
if someone says **** to u im not gonna give u some big thing of it only high shcool or get over it but heres what i started doing,
they call u **** and u tell them to shove that crap back down their throats,
they call u fat and you tell them that im not fat but i could lose weight, your forvever gonna be a bully and a moron.
tell em how it is.
maybe not the best advice but im tryin everything right now.
dont forget those people that matter.
the nice ones.
always be kind and happy to them.
fridaygurl fridaygurl
18-21, F
Nov 13, 2012