Equal Pay For Equal Work? I Disagree.

This is such a mindless mantra. Has anyone ever stopped to wonder why or considered that maybe it shouldn't be?

Men on average have more dependents to support.

So, they need more money than women who are largely only going out for a supplemental income. The quest for equal pay for equal work has actually resulted in lower wages for men when adjusted for inflation not higher wages for women. That means it is harder for a man to support a family and more women are forced into the workplace. That results in more marital distress and higher divorce rates. (I'm not saying this is the only factor but it is tied to the major factors)

Equal pay for equal work is market manipulation on a grand level and it has negative consequences. I disagree! Men should be able to demand a salary that will support a family and women should be able to demand the salary that they need to work. Those two amounts on average will not be equal.
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Wtf are you talking about? It doesn't matter if a man has none or 20 dependants. Wages paid for a job should be the same regardless of gender. End of. Anything else is discriminatory, period.

Love this logic. So what about the man who is sterile, but a great asset to the company, no dependents, so less pay for him.
The idea that women demanding pay has resulted in men losing income is cute as well. Why do you think we have major economic disasters from time to time? Do you think the man running Citi and Goldman Saks is standing in the breadline?

Or do you think there are now millions of poor slobs who used to have a high paying job now standing in a breadline being told over and over "It is very bad. It is going to be very hard to get a job." and guess what happens to them? they accept a lower paying job out of fear.

So equal pay for equal work is just sensible. And next big economic blow up, kill the top three executives who worked at the companies for more than 5 fives in that post. Seize all their assets and use them as a stimulus by giving to the poor (this will not help the poor, it is just practical because they spend more wildly than any other group and this would pump that money back into the economy in retail and service where most low paying jobs are and those people will spend and it will percolate up.)

I would predict you would never see and economic downturn of such an openly manufactured manner as the last one.

Wow... Kill the CEOs? Will you drink their blood after too?

So seriously you just took the position that if someone has what you want and won't give it up, it's ok for you to just kill them and take it.

That is why communism is the most deadly idea that ever existed. 75 Million people in China, 30 million in Russia and other millions around the world. No other idea has caused so much pain and death.

I'm not even going to say much point by point. What you just said was scary enough on it's own.

I grew up in China. I have read Marx. Have you? Marx specifically said communism would not work in Russia and both Russia and China have never practiced communism (please do actually learn what these words means and not what your government {I'm guessing American and claiming Democracy, even though your Pledge says, "and to the REPUBLIC (learn the meaning of this word since it is not democracy) for which it stands"

Scary? my idea is only scary if you are the CEO and COO and probably CFO. Now in the last 'bailout' rich bankers were given huge amounts of money and poor people were turned out into the streets, for things the big rich bankers did.

Kill a few bankers. Not scary, practical.

When you reward bad behavior you get more bad behavior.

When you shoot their predecessor, I imagine they will pay attention.

BTW if you are confused communism is an economic system and what the Russians, Chinese practice is dictatorial (a bit like the US but they have much better writers and TV people for the PR work, hence your ignorance).

I know this would require thinking, just get another beer, I am sure Jerry Springer will be on a a few minutes.

You said your "brilliant" well you sound like a complete idiot. Your ignorance is really quit transparent, and you show by writing this ****. Get a grip and live in 2013, your so called Statistics, where exactly did you get them, and don't send me links that support what YOU believe. If a woman does the exact same job that a man is doing then she should be paid the same. And your probably right about there being less woman in certain jobs that men generally do, but again if she is in one of those job, and doing her job, then her pay should be the same. You have issues, maybe get some help with that instead of coming on here and spouting your bull ****, cause you just sound soooo needy really. What's wrong mommy never breast feed you ? she was so dominating ? You hated her because she made more money than your Dad ? Your need to dominate doesn't come from a place of a true Dom/ Sub relationship. It sounds like your just a woman hater and want to a woman to be your slave and do what you want her to. That said, playing out these fantasies can be quit fun and healthy, But then there coming back to the " Real World".

So, you say "Show me statistics, but not anything that would support your ideas."

Schizophrenic much?

The CFO of facebook, A woman, has identified that it is women's lack of aggression in the workplace that keep them in lower paying jobs and also keeping them from advancing in the workplace. She goes around the country speaking on the subject. She is proving that the state of women's pay is based on women's actions not that men are keeping them down.

I'm not saying that women should never make as much as men. They should be able to earn it but you have to negotiate for it. You can't expect equal pay to get handed to you. As a man I don't expect that people will pay me more than I negotiate for. Women don't want equality they want special treatment.

On top of that your assumption that the work is equal is unsupported. Women usually don't do the same work as men do. Take the marine corps where women aren't held to the same physical standard. They can't run as fast do as many pull ups. Most of them can't do pull ups at all. They make the same pay though based on their rank. Is that fair?

They lowered the standards for women because they were never supposed to enter combat and now they are going into combat. They can't pull their own weight and end up as rape bait.

You may not like this but it is true. Your hatred of the truth will not sway minds.

The real truth is I don't need a woman. The reason I have chosen to wait until I find the right submissive girl is my mother. The problem is that it isn't any of the B.S. pop psychological reasons you gave. It is because she is a foolish person who constantly spends my dad's money on stupid ****. I am amazed at his patience. I wouldn't have stayed with her like he did.

You have the right to disagree, I think if you do the job you need the same pay to many guys prefer to drink their money away, and the family goes without while young ladys are busting their rear waiting tables for nothing.

Do you have statistics on that? That sounds like an impression based on personal experience. We are talking about why things happen on the macro level not the micro level. Did you even think about what I said? I didn't say it for my own health. I said it so people would think about it.

In addition, your argument only works if you think women are more responsible with money than men are. Is that what you think? Because then you wouldn't be arguing for equality anymore. You would be arguing for female domination.