Don't Be Blind, We Are Equal

I don't understand when people have to compare strengths to prove that their equal. For example, if a guy can bench press or lift a certain amount of weights than a girl, she feels obliged to do it too, to prove herself. Or if a girl does something a guy can't do, he feels obliged to prove he can do it also. That's not what being equal is all about.

First women, were treated unfairly and, still are 'til this day. And, recently men aren't being treated that well either. If half the population is being treated unfairly, there's absolutely nothing good that can come from that.

Men were meant to be the head of household because, they have the physical strength to protect himself, his wife and, their kids. Men are suppose to be dominate not, control but, dominate. There's a huge difference between the two words. Women strive for a man that can protect them, watch out for them and, to feel safe in their arms. Men are strong physically to protect and, can suppress their emotions better to not cloud their judgement and, much more.

Women were meant to nurture, that's why we are emotional. Just because we can't beat are husbands or cetera at arm wrestling doesn't mean we aren't strong. Being pregnant and giving birth takes so much strength, being able to nurture and, be emotional beings takes strength as well.

Men and women are just strong in different ways but, still equal.
angey1227 angey1227
18-21, F
Jan 22, 2013