It's Shocking

I could never see how we all can't be equal. While growing up I know lots of people around me were from different races, had different beliefs etc so I was shocked when many of them got comments that mocked them for whatever reason. I do honestly believe we're all equal, one man may have more than another, but which would be the better person??
Luangi Luangi
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 7, 2007

I have been in the center of discrimination in the work place as well as out in public. I also grew up knowing that all people are human beings no matter where they grew up, where they came from or what sex they are let alone the color of their skin,<br />
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I served in the US Navy and there is a lot of bigotry still in the armed forces and we all wore the same uniform, racism and prejudice have been exploited by the media from the police force to the newspapers, and everywhere you look.<br />
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when slavery was abolished by Abraham Lincoln that should have ended all of this without question. Just because someone is different are we all created in the same way.<br />
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that is the question I ask all of you and I am a post operative transgender woman and I am discriminated each and everyday and everywhere I go I also live in the bible belt of Kansas.

I grew up in a different situation than you- there's very little diversity where I'm from, but that's why I was shocked to find out that so much prejudice actually exists- I never witnessed it, so when I was growing up I just assumed that people of other races, etc. would be treated equally. It still shocks me when things like this happen, because to me it's always seemed so absurd to judge people like that...