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Men and Women

What I don't get is this....women fought for equal rights, women demand equal rights.....yet a lot of women only like equality when it suits them. Some (not all) expect the men to pay for everything, open doors for them and buy them flowers - that's all well and good if you are willing to do the same for your man. I pay half of everything with my husband, half rent, half food, everything - because I believe in equality. I open doors for him as much as he does for me, I buy him flowers and chocolates, I leave him love notes around the house. Everything I would like him to do for me I do for him. As much as I like chivalry I do think that if we want equality it should be an all round thing not just when it suits us.

AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 16 Responses Nov 15, 2007

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right on! it's so funny, cause as a newly gay man that had lived in a conserve town and haven't been exposed to gay culture, scene, whatever, i was always a relationship who's the man or the woman. turns out to be, it's really almost non existing. even in the case of mostly strict 'top' and 'bottom' (aka pitcher and catcher) couples, both guys usually either share or take turns paying for things, opening the door, etc. in certain ways, most gays are equal, with the exception of straight couples like you and your hubby.

I agree with this, and I think it's true in politics too. Too many women want to have equal rights but not equal responsibilities, like registering for the draft. There's the argument that someone has to stay home to take care of the kids and do work, but that doesn't hold up because we'd still be drafting the same number of people so there'd be the same number at home. And in cases of people with kids they would of course only have to put in one of them for the draft, but that would be up to the couple to decide which one, not the government.

Men and women have different strengths and weaknesses. The most powerful couples are those in which the man and woman don't try to outdo the other at their own game, but allow their gifts to complement, and not compete with, each other.

Funnily I`m the opposite, I hate when a guy does everything.

i fondly believe that the only place for women in todays society is in the kitchen and the bedroom! :D

I have to admit that I am one of those women who waits for her man to open her door. However, I do share responsibility (or try to) for things like bills, dates, romantic gestures, etc. I say that I try to because I have actually come across many men (perhaps it is a Southern thing...the Southern gentleman and all) who actually WANT to do those things for me. I've had to fight to get guys to let me pay for things and do things for myself. I've done for myself before, so why do I need a man to do for me when I'm in a relationship?

Well, I think there can be equal responsibility and respect without identical roles, but I've seen and experienced similar things.<br />
I once dated a girl who was almost anachronistically feminist. She would only let me hold the door if she opened the next. That sort of thing kept happening.<br />
The problem was she wouldn't allow me a moment of weakness. Complimenting my 'manliness' and such when I wanted to cuddle, talking about how I made her feel 'safe' (first fight was about something I said taking that feeling away).<br />
<br />
I wish I hadn't let her get away(my fault, the end) but that was annoying.

Yeah my mums ex was like that. He worked but spent all his money in the pub, then when he got caught for not paying his tax my mum had to pay out £3000 to get him out of trouble! They've split up now though.

i know someone like you are describing. but its a dude. my moms husband. he never wants to pay for anything. i think it is much simplier when only one spouse works. there can be no debate over who pays what

Yes but you still do your part in the relationship...I was using money as an example, maybe a bad one. Just think that a lot of women expect too much from there men.

'I pay half of everything with my husband, half rent, half food, everything - because I believe in equality'<br />
<br />
well i dont work, therefore i pay for nothing. yep, every meal i eat, every article of clothing i wear is paid for by my husband. but we are still equals. just cause he brings home 'the bacon' doesnt make me less of a person than him. you can say i am more dependent on him, but we are still equal. i clean the house that he pays for, cook the food that he buys, wash the clothes that he buys, and i take care of the kids that he provides for. still equal...we just dont split the bills. but that works out well for us

AWUK, you make me laugh, and now I really am going to clean my house. hugs

That's exactly what I mean...I'm not saying it's not nice to have someone open the door for you, I guess when it's expected the bloke should do it then it's annoying.

I guess I am old fashion enough that I like to have the door opened. BUT it really annoys me when I see some lady waiting on the door to be opened for her like she is too good to do it herself. ALSO ANNOYING is when said woman won't open the door for a man when his hands are full. AND his hands are most likely full of her stuff.<br />
Okay, see what just happened. I got all bent out of shape and went off on a soapbox:>) I think I wil log off now and get some work done. lol

I wish everyone felt that way :)

exactly- I would never expect something from a man that I wasn't willing to do for him too.