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I think all the standard men and woman and all races and religions should be treated the same. I also believe that if a guy can hit a guy and not get arrested [though I know that some do for assault but no where near as much as they get arrested for woman abuse] then they should be able to hit women and not get arrested. I am not asking for violence, because I think that there should be no violence at all, but I honestly, think that that is so ******* stupid. WE WANT TO BE EQUAL UNTIL WE GET HIT OR SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS TO US. >:[
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If a person assaults another person, that person has the right to report the incident and have them charged. If a woman is assaulted by a man she is entitled to have him charged if she pleases. A man also has the right to press charges if another man assaults him. A lot of the time a man may not be charged for an assault on another man because they may have both been guilty of violence, and they are both guilty of assault or violence to an extent.

Is this true? <br />
I'm an Aussie. Over here, anyone who assaults anyone can be arrested and charged, and convicted if proved. Either clear damage, witnesses, and/or a victim's formal complaint will get the police into action. If a woman has put up with violence for a long time, police might be less quick to take action, because they expect she will later drop the charges, hence wasting their time.<br />
This issue has recently arisen in a serious case, and is now likely to trigger some reforms.<br />
I experienced this first hand when young.<br />
On the other hand, I know I was personally responsible for a perpetrator not being charged.<br />
I was driving past a pub (drinking place) when I saw a drunk knock another to the ground, and <br />
continue to kick and punch him. I parked, got out, stood two arm-lengths away, and looked at the offender with a neutral ex<x>pression. When he noticed me, he made eye contact, stopped his attack, and went inside. I grabbed newspaper from a trash bin, laid it on the passenger seat to protect it from blood, and then helped the victim to stand and get in, then drove him to casualty at the nearest hospital. Our public health system pays the cost of care in emergencies.<br />
By the time I had attended to this man, the offender was long gone. I believe he should have been charged, but that the victim's immediate needs were more urgent, and that if the offender has a habit of violence, he will inevitably pay the consequences one day.

See, I think that if a man can get arrested for hitting a woman but not a man then it should be the other way around...a person should get arrested for hitting another person no matter what sex they are (the hitter or the person who gets hit.)