The Heart Does Not Forget

If love is pure, and real, love is eternal. Love can even be eternal in the face of someone who has hurt you....this I know. If love is true, it cannot be turned off like a light switch. That flame burns inside eternally, even if it was never meant to be, and life has moved on. The heart does not forget how to love that soul.

Just because I have loved and lost, does not mean I no longer love. Within my heart, love remains eternal. I believe I was given an infinite capacity to love deeply, and I have love for many. Love I have simply moved on from, love that has hurt me, and love that I've lost. But none of that ever changes that love I have for them. I will never forget them, nor will I ever stop loving. My heart loves forever.
Lucidblue Lucidblue
36-40, F
Jan 21, 2011