I Will Love Him Always

March 18, 2011 marked the 14th year of Richard's death and I STILL love him.  I've always believed people will meet again on "the other side".  However, a good Christian woman told me once that we wont know eachother there as we do here on earth.  For these are our 'earthly' bodies and names.  That when we go to Heaven we will have new bodies and new names and will only know each as sisters and brothers.  That made me rather sad.  Of course I'd love go to Heaven but I'd also like to know my family and friends when I see them. Assuming I/we made it of course.  Then again, maybe not such a good idea.  After all,  I'm sure we'll see someone we didn't like when we were on earth and some might want to fight.  Yep better off giving us new names and new bodies so it wont be any fighting...but I STILL believe.  * I'm not taking this lightly but I hope I've made someone smile today*
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You made me smile today :) As far as heaven and loved ones goes; I believe that love survives death and lasts into eternity.