And That's Why It's So Hard

I think most of us have this idea of a hero doing some major self-sacrifice
something dramatic
maybe even ending in their death
it can be a romantic idea
giving yourself for something greater
sacrificing for others
but sometimes what others need
is not a life and death feat
they need us to be there for them
it might mean just sitting, wishing you knew what to say
or waiting patiently, letting them know you care
while they tend to painful personal business
in other words, for us it can be boring, trying, testing
not the heroic act we have in our mind at all
not the donating a kidney, stepping in front of a bullet
kind of thing
but a slow, patient
"I'm here for you" kind of thing
that is a real test
and that can be really hard
imabear imabear
51-55, F
May 13, 2012