Recovering Evolutionist

Interesting.  I had the opposite experience.  Evolution was not taught in my school system in the Midwest and I didn't know a single person who really believed it in.  I'm not sure where I was first exposed to it--probably PBS... Thank  you PBS!  I sought out books on evolution and read them as a young teen while the rest of my classmates pursued bible studies. 

Eventually I left the Midwest and studied molecular, cellular and developmental biology and genetics.  My research interests were the evolution of the cell and the genetic material. 

Years later, I still strongly believe in evolution, but I think it has many flaws.  Nonetheless, it is the best we got and a pretty good approximation of what probably happened.

Hurray Darwin and friends (especially the guy Darwin screwed over)! 
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I'm very happy to be sharing the thoughts with an extremely informed individual. It seems to me that evolution is the only theory that science can have because of the paradym of Cause and Effect in the Natural World. Nothing comes from nothing. There's always a Cause for every effect. Hence, life has to come from nonlife in some way manner or form. It's foundation is Time and chemical interactions.But as you say, it has many flaws. The biggest one is purposefulness. Every cell in every creature small to large has a purpose. The purpose is survival and making a new generation that replaces them. If there is no first Cause why does all life have purpose? That's the problem of evolution. Random chance can't make purpose, Only sentient beings have purpose. There is no purpose in dirt, nor is there any survival effort.
Maybe sentient life is the only way the Universe has to justify it's existence. But that still requires a Purposefulness

Just because you don't know the purpose of something does not mean there is not one.

Cool story! It's strange how things pan out, over time (which is a neat paraphrase of evolutionary principles if I do say so myself!). One thing I did find a little odd is that you say that you believe in evolution, yet you have studied it at a very high level? It just seems like an odd thing to say to me. :) I would have thought that for someone with your background that it wasn't really about "believing" per se?