I Don't Believe In Evolution.

I don't think anybody needs to believe in evolution. "Evolution" after all, is a collection of ideas about how to best explain what we know about biology and the fossil record. Like the rest of science, it's a set of theories that have been subjected to various tests, and the theories adjusted as new data and experimental evidence comes to light.

Like all good science, there are competing sub-theories within the broad framework of the "theory of evolution". Nobody really has to believe in these either, although obviously there are supporters and detractors.

No, belief really doesn't come into it. That's just a nonsense inserted by creationists and Intelligent Design proponents. Science doesn't ask you to believe. It offers you proof, should you wish to seek it out.

And if you don't wish to get into the details yourself, you can assess the likelihood that the scientific method that lead to the paradigm of evolution is one that provides reasonable, useful truths about the nature of the world.

People don't talk about believing in the theorems of electromagnetism, after all :P
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Ha! I never thought of it like that! Thank you for widening my perspective.

I agree with you, TardyDodo! There are certain theories regarding evolution of which I'm skeptical (namely punctuated equilibrium), but much of it is plausible and often factual. Having said that, I'm also a believer in intelligent design... it's quite possible to reconcile the two. An intelligent designer certainly could start an evolutionary process.

Becca! I'm pretty fearless, but that's way too scary for me. Ever heard this one? Q. What do you get if you cross a lawyer with a pit bull? A. A dishonest pit bull.

That sounds like the beginnings of a great b-rated horror movie, ElLagarto- Night of the Living Lawyers?<br />

I believe that lawyers offer irrefutable proof of evolution because they are in fact predatory reptiles that have evolved the ability to pass themselves off as human beings.

You know what that was about though, don't you? Pluto failed to cough up the protection money and so BAMMO! The Astronomy Mafia canceled poor ol' Pluto's "planetary status" ;)

And don't you just love "reverse" scientific facts? Ya know: We KNEW Pluto was a planet! Turns out it was an ill-concieved THEORY! ;P Darn rocket scientists!