Family Get Together Sighting In 1987

Ok, my family has had a secret for 25 years and to this day it amazes me. Back in 1987 at my grandmas house, there was a get together. Well, night fell and out of nowhere a craft landed behind my grandmas house. There was six or seven of my relatives, including me (which I was a baby) that was there. My uncle Jim and everybody, was assuming that it was government, but was puzzled because why would a government craft land in my great grandmas field at night, in the small town of Doniphan, MO.

Well, my uncle grabbed a shotgun and with my grandma, aunt, my mom and dad watching. He went to see what it was, the light was blinding he said, and the closer he got, the more his chest hurt with pressure. He got close enough to touch it and when he reached out to touch it, an unknown force knocked him back. Right then, he said he knew it wasn't government. As he got up, he ran back to my aunt, mom and dad (who was watching) and he said "lets get the hell out of here!"

Mom said that the light was brighter than any led light, she said you could make out the outline of the woods so well that you could see leaves on the trees and this was far away from where she was watching. And just as fast as it came, all at once, it shot straight up into space at blinding speed. To this day me and my grandma, mom and others talk about what happened. This was in a small town, back in 87. They didn't tell nobody but close friends because of the fear of losing the family reputation around the town. So here I am, 25 years later and telling all what happened on that frightful night.
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I wonder what the extraterrestrials were planning...

I wonder the same thing, I wish my uncle Jim was alive today to tell me more of what he experienced. My grandma said they all had like this overwhelming sense of being scared. This happened at my great grandmas field and she lived on top of a huge hill in Doniphan. My mom tells me alot that this was the strangest thing she has ever witnessed and still can't explain why it happened, it just did. But you make a good point, maybe they was planning something. Like where they was going next. Something funny about it though was my Dad was there and he was excited to go back there the next morning when it was light because he wanted to find a piece off the craft or something and get rich! lol I was either in my moms belly she said or I was a newborn when this happened she can't remember. I just find it fascinating though and my whole life I have believed in the existence of extraterrestrial beings. I know in my heart and mind that my family isn't lying about this. I mean you can see it in their faces when they are telling you the story. All the stories match up and you just feel they are telling you the truth and I have never questioned it at all. Im like you I just wonder what they was planning or doing on the inside of the craft.

they wanted corn , they were having a movie night