I've Met An Extraterrestrial.

This happened recently actually...when i went to a casting call for modeling i was standing with a group of girls talking, waiting to be called up next and from a distance.. i saw this one guy sitting down just staring at me making it completely obvious. He was sitting alone, which was a bit strange because he was VERY VERY good looking. He was white skinned, stood about 6'3, was physically fit and had these striking light blue eyes.I noticed he wasn't looking at me like how other guys would look at me when they see a pretty girl...no this one was like analyzing me like some sort of secret agent or something lol idk ...and nobody else was he doing this with, i caught that for real. One of my friends said that we should go sit down because her legs were hurting from her heels so we sat down in two seats right next to him. He got out his phone and started txting and i started to do the same thing. I wanted to ask him why he was starting at me like that but for some reason nothing was coming outa my mouth and i just continued looking at my phone. Couple mins later he asked me where the restrooms were.I looked at him, and he was just smiling at me...i didn't respond for the first few couple of seconds because he was.....just different, i don't know how to describe it something told me right there that he was. I told him the bathrooms were just right down the corner to the right and he got up and left. Every girl stared at him as he walked up and left even some of the guys . My friend leaned over next to me and told me if i knew who that was and I'm like hell no lol i wish. I thought that he was going to come and sit next to me again but he didn't, i didn't know where he went after that it had already been like 20 mins leaving to the bathroom. Then i noticed to the right of me through the glass wall that he was outside sitting down on the benches by himself. I was like what the hell?... I mean maybe if other good looking guys like him were doing that it wouldn't be weird but it was just him....So after the casting was done i went home and sat down thinking to my self i need to find this guy, i need to know his name. So i got on face book went to my modeling agency page and within a few mins..i found him. I recognized his face on his profile picture and clicked add. Two days later i got a message and it was from him.

" So you found me"
I messaged back saying " Yes i did... so I'm guessing you know I'm the girl from the hotel"
" He he yes..."
I was hoping at this point that he wasn't thinking i was some sort of stalker or anything...in fact i couldn't really recall ever being so eager to find out about someone so much, regardless of how good looking he was. I'm very picky when it comes to guys.
He messaged again " Forgive me if i made my staring at you uncomfortable...i sensed that you were different than everybody in that building"
" You sensed it? What do you mean?"
" You are quite an individual"
" How can you sense that though?" I kinda wasn't buying what he was telling me a bit because anybody could say that to me, so i needed proof.
"What do you know about the ancient alien theory?"
I'm guessing he saw my page that i was...obsessed with it. I responded " I believe that life began out there before it began here"
" Very true""You still didn't answer me though how could you sense that i was different?"
" I just felt it..you obviously felt the same way since you were so eager to find me and really you wouldn't be like that with any other guy now...would you?"
"...No...I guess not"
He knew that i knew i felt something strange and also he knew i wouldn't do this with any other guy..never have till now.
I message him again " Who are you?"
I wont state his name, because he wouldn't want me to be exposing him about something that doesn't bother him if people don't know who he is so his name is private. After he told me his name he asked me what mine was and told him my name was Keana.He quickly got into the topic about aliens with me after discussing our basic information with each other and continued for a good four hours. He was very intelligent. I couldn't really keep up with some stuff he was talking about scientifically about the laws of physics and human DNA but i did my best to conclude over all what he was talking about and it was basically that modern science is no where near the development of how we were thousands and thousands of years ago and that 95% of our DNA is extraterrestrial ..the other percentage of the supposedly "unknown" sequence to our genetics. I couldn't believe what i was hearing from him. I had never met anybody so unique as him. He spoke so confident and maturely and he was only 24 years old. He then began telling me (told me not to freak out) that his family were descendants of the Pleiadians.. I was like say what??? You gota be kidding me there's no way....there's no way.He continued saying that they are pretty much human as me and everybody else could tell, but that they carry the genes as well as a few others around the world of these beings that came here many thousands of years ago. They weren't the ones that seeded us but they were well known to have been the" Masters" to Native Americans and many other places around the world.. I didn't know how to react and i wasn't freaked out all i hoped is that i would meet him in person again and i did.

He came over to me house with his guitar and decided he wanted to impress me with his musical talents. I too knew also how to sing. When he started playing.. he amazed my parents and me to where my dad literally had to stop playing to hear him sing and play his guitar so beautifully. He played this song he wrote that i remember so clearly that its affected me and him alone. My parents had never ever met any guy that I've brought here to the house and just fell in love with him. My mom said he was very good looking and that she too also felt his energy that was very empowering and child like in a sense. My dad said that he was very talented and bright and that he had a big future ahead of him in whatever he chose to be. Which i already knew what it was he wanted to get into Sociology.They were just completely blown away by him. Its funny because i felt connected to him after that day like this guy...carries the same soul as me.We were laughing talking so well with each other that i didn't think it was possible to be so me around someone so greatly. It touched me..really did and to know that this world...as ugly and cruel as people may portray it to be....its full of wonders and beauty people are yet to make way for them to realize that we all come from something grand and if it does come out that we were genetically engineered by an advanced human race, that doesn't change anything about believing in a one true GOD...GOD becomes bigger...

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Are you still in contact with this man after all of that?

Yes I am but he has been busy as well as i have .