I've Seen Them, I Hope They Saw Me...

many times trough my life, ive witnessed things that most people would love to see.

When i was 7 years old, my mom used to tell me that behind our neighbours house, you could see UFO's, i was too young to undrstand that, one day i was there, i saw this red, firey object, flying the night sky, i saw it go around like 2 minutes straight, faster than anything ive eer seen before, it was even faster thatn a shootig star. When i saw it, i couldnt move, maybe it was only the impact on such a little boy, that didnt know what was going on and froze up. When i ran to my mom, and told her what happened, she didnt fully believe me. But my neoighbours son, who was around 20's a that time, described the objects he saw behing his house, just like the one i saw.

Years later i moved to another state, and late nite, when we were driving on the highway, i saw another, this time it was really high in the sky and it had spinning lights, not like a regular airplane... i mean, nobody would buy those stories whn u see something unexplainable and ppl say its an airplane or a weather baloon... We even pulled over and watched it fade away into the sky. this time my mom believed everything i said because she saw it too.

Like 12 years after, in the same city of my first visual encounter, i was looking at the sky, and i saw a red vibrant light, like a lazer dot suspended in the sky... i even called my familly who lived like 5 blocks away from where i was, and they saw it too, they called everyone we knew who lived in that neighbourhood, and they all saw it... it was like a blurry, big, red, lazer dot, flying up and down, like a balloon; but when we tried to photograph it, it was imposible, the camera would get all the city lights behind, but that red dot wouldnt appear on the photo or video, nobody could.

So i guess, its up to you to believe, Alien life is out there.

I like to think they know about us, they just havent come to us, because were not ready for it yet. I hope one day we are... and so we will meet them. Society has lived for over 2000 years over fear... Humans do stupid things because of it, whatever we dont know we treat it violently because we cant think nor reason about things we dont know yet. I like to think theyll be waiting for us to be ready.

Sorry about my english, i apologize. its not perfect but i think ull understand.

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Its only a matter of time before the greys return. I believe soon within the next 2 or 3 years. When I was a baby a circular craft landed in my great grandmas field behind her house. I have the story posted if you want to read it. I not only believe in extraterrestrial life I think since our beginning they have been altering our DNA to make us faster, stronger, smarter and born with less illnesses these days. I think we are under some type of "zoo" effect and they are watching us daily. Our governments are more technologically advanced than society. I would say they are 10 to 15 years ahead us in technology but when we get to where technology is ruling our planet which it is doing so at a fast rate. The greys will have no choice but to return and bring us down to earth, so to speak. I believe within the next 2 to 3 years a big event will happen that will change the way we view extraterrestrial life forever. Thats if they don't wipe us out.

I have seen strange lights like this before too and definitely believe in ufo's - I so want to go inside a ship like that too! i believe...