Incarnated Fairie

I am really looking for someone in the same boat as me... I am female, 17, pagan/wiccan. I am also an incarnated fairie. I see that there are pages for incarnated angels but not fairies.. I am really looking for someone that is like me and to help me. many of my main spirit guides are also fairies. If anyone is in the same situation i would love to hear from you!!
thank you
savanarain savanarain
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you know if you will ever visit this site again and still want to talk, it would be no problem :D so whenever you come online again and if you are interested in this topic, then PN me if you like. if I need a long time to answer don't worry it's just because I don't check on this site very often ;D

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I'm 17 years old, too and I just figured out that I'm an incarnated nature spirit, too. <3 If you would like to share thoughts and experiences then I think I'm the best person for it (well maybe not the best, but a good one). and sorry my english is not perfect because I'm from Germany :) I'm also joined the pagan/wiccan believe, love to sing and listen to irish/pagan folk music, am atracted to nature and nature spirits and so on... :))

I do not know if I qualify. But, I think all people are faries until their spirits are asked to do other things in Creation! YAY!! I Love the magical Folke! Hugs, LW