Magic Is My Life

I believe in magic in fact about ten years ago I was suffering with very bad depression and I refused to do anything until one day a leaflet came through my front door about crystal healing and white magic and things, I felt compelled to go along to have a look. there were two ladies there who were very helpful they told me all about white magic, self healing through meditation and fairy cards it was amazing I do my fairy cards everyday and talk to my fairy guardians it has helped me through so much so I believe in magic and I totally believe in fairies.
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oh and medditation is very goog for self heling and also for retreving balance in your life.

Hi Im very pleasd that you all have taken an interest in our ways thow you dont threwly understand it but your there, Yes angels are real well sort of everyone has a gardian angel some are more powerfull than others but any way Im not to sure about Fairys sorry to break it to you but they dont really,well to be honest They dont really talk about them in our lecturs but you never know we could be wrong.<br />
Beleving in the unbelevable is a start to find the hidden storys of our ways.The Wiccan ways.<br />
Be safe and let the love and light of the world guide you all to eternal happyness.

I do believe in Magic also. Are you familar with Slyvia Browne the pyschic/medium? She talks about Spirit Guides and angels also. I have read a lot of her books. Interesting stuff. I realize some people do not believe but she has some pretty interesting theories about life, god, the after life etc.. If you haven't read any of her stuff you should check it out.

I did meditation but didn't go as far as the fairies, lol. But whatever. As long as you are happy.