I'm Not Sure????

The idea of fairies and magic is really appealing.

In my fantasy world they r real,  but in my real world, of course not.

Candita Candita
22-25, F
2 Responses May 5, 2007

you are completly right.<br />
Some times things maynot be as they seem,right Candita,<br />
You must beleve in the unbelevable and open your heart to every thing that presents it to you, you know wat Im talkin about.Good luck spk soon,Let the light guide you threw the bad times and the love threw the good ones, beleve in all and you will always be safe xx

Don't be sad...you have beautiful brown eyes, remember! And, I have learned to never discount anything, especially things of a magic nature. Maybe they are real...who knows. They are kind of like angels, right?