The Laundry Elf...

Is there a bottom of the laundry basket? I have asked myself and others this many times and so far the answer has been no. No matter how many loads of laundry you wash in a day, and no matter that you are sure you will reach the bottom of it, it never happens.

I have a family of five and I am convinced that we do not use all the things that end up in the laundry basket. I can go to bed with one load of laundry left to do in the morning and by the time morning hits, I have three loads to do. What happened over night, I went to bed with only one load to do and I know I didn’t get up in the middle of the night and change clothes or use towels. I am fairly convinced that my family did not either.

The one and only time I have see the bottom of the laundry basket is when I purchased it. I came home with an empty basket that had a bottom and to this day I have never seen the bottom again. I am sure it had a bottom, but where it went is a mystery to me.

I have even went so far as to stay up all night watching to see what or who is filling up my laundry basket. Alas, I do not make it the whole night and sometime during the early morning hours an laundry elf comes by and deposits more clothes in the basket. That is my theory as to how the bottom is never seen again.

I am unsure as to why there is a laundry elf. What possessed this elf to become one who adds laundry to the basket so that the bottom is never seen again. Is he an angry elf because he did not have clean clothes?!?!?Perhaps he liked to do laundry and there was not enough.

I do not know why he exists, nor do I know how to stop him but I am sure he is there lurking outside of the laundry room waiting for you to go to sleep so that he may have his little fun by adding to the basket.

Look For The Laundry Elf In Your Basket.

Love Alyx xoxo

-Alone without anyone

Alyx Alyx
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2 Responses Jun 20, 2007

omg yeah that one too! i dont know what to believe but its just very odd.. like also the pot of gold under the rainbow share your stories .. =]]

How about the one in probably the dryer. You know, the one that eats socks! You know that you put in several PAIRS of socks. Then, when you go to mate them to put them up; there's some pairs and a lot with no mates. I used to think that this only happened to my little ones' socks. Now I know the sock eater elf is not predjudiced. He does eat the big ones, too. It would be nice to "stuff a sock in it" and end his eating them forever!