I Believe!!!!!

I believe in Fairies and Magic. To be more accurate, I Believe in The Fair (Faery) Folk and Magick.  The Folk are still around us...in our backyards, the forests, parks, our basements & attics, our stairwells and every other in between place. You can find them at Twilight, at Dawn, and in the full day and dark of night. They walk among us. They observe us. We need only to open our minds and feel their presence.

The Fair Folk live in my backyard.  Or I should say that my home and backyard coexist with the Otherworld. They were here for a countless number of years and will remain when I am long forgotten in this life. I call them The Night Shift, as I usually see and feel them after midnight.

I have seen beings, human-shaped and in varying heights...from 2 ft to 8 ft tall. I have also seen dancing "tinkerbell" lights. I have seen creatures that resembled gargoyles perched on the fence or on my neighbor's garage. i have even seen The Lady. She is tall, over 6 ft, with long dark hair, alabaster skin, and who wears a velvety pure white cloak. I have seen crows, that were not really crows, perched a few feet away from me in the dead of night(there are no crow roosts in our backyard).

My Anam Cara has seen beings that she calls "Draganauts" that live in the crawlspace of my cellar. They are small, under a foot tall and resemble imps. They are full of energy and guard their domain with real power, power that I have felt. However, they have chosen not to show themselves to me.

I have seen 6-7ft long beings with long dark hair swimming in our pool, out of the corner of my eye. When I turn to look at them straight on, but they disappear. My Mom also has witnessed these beings. And I notice that there is an uncomfortable feeling that surrounds them, and I never have felt safe swimming in the pool.

For the most part, The Folk protect and help nature. They also protect those who live on the property. And it may sound strange, but The Night Shift have always been my best friends. I can speak with them about all matters. And even in my darkest and saddest moments, I am not alone..I need only to slip outside to find solace.

Magick is in everyone and everything. It is not the same as magic, which is illusions performed by magicians & illusionists. Magick is the energy that flows through everything. It is the lifeforce. It is Divine.  With Magick, you can change the world...you can create a better place for everyone...as what you think manifests on the physical plane.

So, until next time....may you be blessed.

ilianablackthorne ilianablackthorne
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 29, 2007

I don't see very much, I sense a lot. I used to see with my mind's eye a lot of what I sensed but it was overwhelming. There are precenses all over the place and not all of the are plesent