I Believe In Fairies..... ...

I believe in fairies..... ha ha you don't know how funny that is to hear that... LOL  ( private joke ) Yes I believe in fairies & magic.. my granny told me when i was young " don't point You will poke holes in the fairies" and when daisy's where growing we would dance around them & want them to play with us ( Crop dusting was around) and then we where told to be very very quite & maybe just maybe we would see them  ( the children should be seen and not heard thing ) But always...always..I have believed & always will believe in fairies & magic.

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6 Responses Feb 9, 2007

People believe in God, why not fairies?

I believe in fairies.

i can't stop believing, if we have the child-like faith to believe in a god we can't see, why should we believe in something we have pictures to prove???

Very good point. :D

:) its good to believe*

This made me smile. Thank you.

I believe everybody believes in something that people may find weird. I believe in magic but not fairies, lol. But it doesn't matter. Believe in what you want.