Believe to See

All I am saying is that the magic is real if we choose to believe and see.
liz liz
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6 Responses Sep 17, 2006

magc is real.<br />
magic is true.<br />
if you really believe in it your heart, then you will really feel it insrant to the person that is destined ith you..<br />
<br />
magic is undescribable thing.<br />
you only have to felt it.<br />
pure and its like carrying your own self in to that magic place where nobody could never been there.

who agrees that mankind drove these little creatures away!

Wise words.

we are like you ,most of our families have seen faries and we would just like to say ........ we`re yih sister!!!!

Came up empty on the quotes page, I saw it painted on a rock in a rocky cove with an eye of horus. and Always loved it.

Is it "The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." By Henri Bergson? :)

'The eye can only see, what the mind is ready to perceive.' Don't know who said it but I will try to find out.